Hamilton Park Back in Full Action: Talks New EP, New Video, New Label & What’s to Come

In 2017, MarkusFree, Chris Voice, and Anthony, also known by their collective alias – Hamilton Park, rendered an R&B comeback like no other!

After going on a long hiatus, many fans wondered if Hamilton Park would ever return. The R&B group has had their ups and downs within the industry as many artists have had. Nevertheless, Hamilton Park has silenced the rumors and is determined to make an everlasting spark in the culture for their passion of being melodic creators. The heartthrobs are ceasing every moment as an R&B collective, leaving fans wanting more. Kicking the new year off right, Hamilton Park debuts the final sequence of their three-part music video. Hamilton Park is expected to release their latest EP titled ‘It Was Necessary’ on March 2nd.

Singersroom had the opportunity to interview the humble Atlanta natives about their new music, new label Lost In Music Entertainment Group, the cliffhanger visuals and what’s to come in 2018! The group’s chemistry was undeniable that they share a close bonded brotherhood. Their collectiveness garnered similar responses and enjoyable conversation throughout. This time around, the fellas are interested in presenting themselves in a new light, their vision, which included showcasing themselves wholeheartedly from their fashion style to their musical expression. Their sound is raw and relatable to anyone who truly enjoys R&B music. With their mini movie out and their EP set to release soon, the eager artists are ready to give their fans what they have longed for, the real Hamilton Park.

With a new EP titled ‘It Was Necessary,’ what do you all feel was necessary for your success in the industry?

Anthony: It’s more to reflect our growth. When we embarked on our first tour (The Scream Tour), we were inexperienced as far as knowledge of what was happening around us. We weren’t paying as close attention as we should have been which left us susceptible to things that we now recognize. It was necessary to step back, analyze our situation and plan so that we could move forward properly.

MarkusFree: Ant pretty much covered it but to add to it, all the heartache and frustration we encountered at the time is what was necessary. Not knowing the business and not being fully included created us into the businessmen we are now, especially with our independent label Lost In Music. Stepping away to bring it back. God sometimes gives us a taste of something so that we can see it and prepare for it for the next go around. This was a major factor to the title of the EP.

Chris Voice: We’ve grown a lot, learned from the industry and have taken what we learned and applied it in the necessary parts because it was so necessary.

You all left us with a cliffhanger going into the new year and much like our Singersroom family; fans are anxious for the release of the new video for ‘Love Me To Sleep.’ What do you want fans to take away from the video?

Anthony: It’s a record that sets the tone of the day, Valentine’s Day. It’s a really smooth, laid back type of record, it’s happy!

MarkusFree: ‘Love Me To Sleep’ is a clash of Michael Jackson meets 2018 R&B / Hip-Hop vibe. It’s a fun record with a message about relationships. The story of the three music videos pulls together a storyline about a relationship, the highs and lows, and the temptation out there that a lot of relationships go through.

Chris Voice: ‘Love Me To Sleep’ to bring it full circle of what my brothers said is an undeniable stamp that Hamilton Park is back in full effect!


The gentlemen collectively agreed on a few adjectives to define their 3-part music video series. If you’ve yet to see the previous two videos they are a definite must see. Part one, ‘Jumping Off’ is a fun, hype type of vibe visual, which the fellas refer to as “Lit.” Part Two, ‘Leave It In’ is a heated up and frisky record which the fellas agree is “Grown & Sexy.” Lastly, part three ‘Love Me To Sleep’ is a happy easy going record that HP credits as a ‘Finesse’ record.

What was the creative process behind the three-part series?

Markus Free: Shoutout to Adrian Price of The Press, who had started the idea! He began the writing process. The thought process was about a relationship, the good and the evil (being bad but not so dark LOL). It’s about the addiction to the bad. Everybody has had that moment when they know they are taken, but they are paid a compliment or attention (hence the bad).

Anthony: It’s all about the unknown, the forbidden fruit. Telling real-life situations with a creative story.

Lastly, is there anything you want your fans to know, whether they are day one fans or newcomers to the HP wave?

ALL: There are major opportunities in the works that we won’t speak on just yet but for fans to stay tuned and be on the lookout! Shout-out to Playtime Talent Group, J.Couture Productions and Lost In Music; these visuals were knocked out the park thanks to our team! This time around, fans are getting Hamilton Park authentically from style to production, we get to be ourselves!

Anthony: Whatever our fans find themselves lost in no matter what it is, ours just happens to be music. If it makes you happy, do it!

Chris Voice: Everything we are doing now is done in-house with the extension of J.Couture Productions, Playtime, and Lost In Music. Beautiful things are going on; we are signed to ourselves, we make our own decisions. We are included with businessmen of that stature not just as the artists.

Singersroom had the opportunity to chat briefly with Joy Young, manager, as well as the director of the three-part music video and hear her take on Hamilton Park’s undeniable push and drive for success.

Congratulations on your directorial debut! How did you get tied to becoming manager of the group/director of the three-part music video series and what was your vision to say “let’s make a three-part music video?”

Joy: Yes, thank you! The series is a mini-movie in my opinion. I like to say the guys, and I chose each other frankly. I met the guys when they first got signed when I worked with Atlantic Records; fast forward to present day, the guys started their own label, and we reunited. It just made sense for me to manage them as I know them and have seen their progress. It was genuine; God sent an opportunity to work with them again. My original entertainment industry desire was in TV/Film to produce and direct content. HP and I had creative conversations, and the rest is honestly history. With reference to the three-part series, much like the guys said, it was about creating a creative story. My goal was to highlight their growth so HP fans can see them now and who they truly are!

Well, that’s a wrap. From interviewing Hamilton Park and their manager/director Joy Young, it’s safe to say there is much in store for this group. Can’t get enough of HP? ‘It Was Necessary’ will be available everywhere March 2nd and tune into this evening for a special treat as we are going live on Facebook with HP up close and personal 5pm /6pm EST!

‘It Was Necessary’, EP Pre-Order Store Links:

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1340969112?ls=1&app=itunes
Apple Music: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1340969112