Reggae Artist Mackeehan Release “Legal to Kill” (feat. Jah-Lil)

After writing songs for some of the top Jamaican stars including Jah Cure, Luciano, Etana, and C Sharp, roots-lovers rock artist Mackeehan is giving his career some of the spotlight. The 36-year-old releases the new single  ‘Legal to Kill,’ which features reggae artist Jah Lil.

Mackeehan seeks to encourage people and inspire change through his music, and “Legal to Kill” exposes how police brutality, prescription drugs, and poor quality food are methods used by the government to legally kill the underprivileged.

“Dem say dem love yah, but damn dem ah fake it / Dem set the law and only dem can break it / Protector fi yuh life, but ‘not guilty’ when dem take it,” he sings.

The revolutionary track hits home to many in and outside of Jamaica today especially with the current ‘black lives movement’ taking place internationally. For Mackeehan, “its a message for the voiceless, a message to mek the bigger heads know say we aware, but righteousness must prevail, open your eyes my people and live up.” ‘Legal to Kill’ is produced by Florida-based Kong Star Records.

Growing up on Jamaica’s Gully Side in Cassava Piece, Mackeehan used music to uplift and inspire those dealing with the harsh realities of daily life. In 2006, he made it to the finals in the Jamaica Popular Song competition with his original song “Rise Up.” The song is now played every morning on Roots FM as the intro track for their morning program of the same name. For Mackeehan, music is the medicine to heal and help people seek a brighter tomorrow.