[Album Review] According to Nick Jonas, ‘Last Year Was Complicated,’ But This Year Should Be Much Better

Nick Jonas released his third studio album Last Year was Complicated on Friday (June 10, 2016) through Safehouse/Island Records. The album is borderline Pop and R&B, like along the lines of artists like NeYo and Robin Thicke.

Last Year was Complicated definitely has heart and soul. The album sees Nick reunite with frequent-producers Sir Nolan, known for producing his Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hit “Jealous”, and Evigan, the man behind “Chains.” The album features new collaborations including Tove Lo on the lead single “Close”, Big Sean on “Good Girls” and Ty Dolla $ign on “Bacon”.

Last Year was Complicated is the type of album you’ll hear following a breakup; there’s reminiscing on memories (good and bad), and resentment, which sometimes teeters on bitterness and accepting the fact it’s over. “Touch” is the remembrance of romantic/erotic times (“I go from touchin’ you with both hands, To touchin’ you with no hands, T-t-touchin’ you, That’s my favorite way of touchin’ you”).

The fourth track, “Chainsaw,” takes a whole different approach to the situation depending on how you look it. About the song, Nick has mentioned, “People will see this as being incredibly vulnerable and personal. It’s about walking back to the house you shared a lot of memories in with somebody. All the feelings that come with that, and kind of working through some of it, and I think that everyone has something in their life that they need to let go of, and “Chainsaw” represents that way of letting go.” “Chainsaw” is that song you play when you’re cursing out your ex while ripping up old pictures and enjoying a nice bottle of wine.

“Comfortable” is that record when you realized you’ve accepted love happens and accepting you’ve got your heart broken: “Never trust a door ’til it’s open, never trust a heart ‘till it’s broken”.

While Last Year was Complicated doesn’t really present anything we haven’t heard before from similar albums, it is still nice to get a glimpse into Nick’s world. There really isn’t a signature track on the album; there are tracks that will definitely get radio airplay, but there isn’t one track I feel stands out among all the others. “Chainsaw,” maybe, if you’re looking for a moderate breakup song for getting over your ex and feeling a bit of anger. At any rate, Nick continues to develop as an artist and show he’s got soul. With success, money, and bountiful beautiful women around him, I’m sure this year won’t be as complicated.

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