Krizz Kaliko Returns With Funky New Track, ‘Talk Up On It’

Following his debut R&B/Pop single “Behave” and the ballad “Stop The World,” rapper-turned-singer Krizz Kaliko releases “Talk Up On It,” a bouncy and flirtatious RnB track. Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers, “Talk Up On It” represents the lighter side of Krizz’s forthcoming album Go, proving that the Strange Music consigliere has a wide range.

As Krizz Kaliko explains the genesis of “Talk Up On It”:

“I was on tour and walking through a mall with my wife when I saw an extraordinarily attractive woman walk by. This made me think about the strategy I’ve always taken to approaching a woman that I was interested in. What I wrote in the verses of the song are exactly the way I think when approaching a woman in any situation with the intention of seducing her: I’m going to flirt a little bit and then back off. All the while, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking, ‘I’m not a cute guy, but I’m going to get her anyway.’ Michael “Seven” Summers and I produced the beat together. I had the idea for the beat and I gave it to him over the phone while I was on tour. I brought the label owner’s assistant, Korey Lloyd, in to play lead guitar. He works in the office but he’s a mean guitar player. Now the whole world will get to hear how I talk up on it.”

This is so infectious! Go is Krizz’ first ever Pop/RnB project and slated to release on April 8th via Strange Music. Pre-order HERE.