Krizz Kaliko Shares Emotionally-Charged Message About Suicide In ‘Stop The World’ Video

Following his debut R&B/Pop single “Behave,” rapper-turned-singer Krizz Kaliko shines a light on depression and suicide in the video for “Stop The World.”

Based off of his own struggles, the video has Krizz reflecting on life’s hardships, while showing that ultimately, nobody is really alone in their battles.

The video shows the lives of multiple people who are going through hard times, but despite their hardships, they each take the time to give a homeless man (played by longtime collaborator, rapper Tech N9ne) some change. All their lives end up connecting on the bus where Krizz eventually gets off, and sees the same homeless man, which isn’t what he turns out to be. The overall message? Hold on, better days are ahead.

“In 2015 there were several days where I contemplated suicide. The world felt like a big ride that I wanted to get off of,” Krizz Kaliko explains. “Life was not fun to me anymore. My marriage was troubled, I didn’t know where my career was going, my mental health was greatly affecting me at the time. I had decided to go and check into a mental institution to see if there was a way to ease the pain. A lot of my fans go through these same things – it’s why my music helps them, keeps them from hurting themselves, and sometimes, it saves their lives. I think we’ve all had these thoughts at one time or another. Music imitates life. The hook, ‘Stop the world and let me off,’ paints the picture.”

“Stop The World” is from Krizz Kaliko’s forthcoming album Go (which he is releasing on April 8th via Strange Music.), a full R&B album.