Akon Will Leave You ‘Hypnotized’ With Even MORE Good Vibes

Earlier this week, Akon released the feel-good song and visual for “Shine The Light,” a song assumed to be from his forthcoming album Stadium.

And already he’s back with more music, this one called “Hypnotized”, and it’s another one to put on your mood-lifting playlist.

It’s a light-breezy tune for all the lovers, perhaps just in time for Valentine’s Day; on the tune, Akon sings about how his lover leaves him spellbound.

“Why you gotta feel so right, why you gotta leave me open wide / Love it when you love me right, why you gotta take over my mind every time / Why you gotta leave me hypnotized?” he sings on the chorus.

You like? Purchase “Hypnotized” on iTunes here.