John Michael – Inevitable

As Topnotch artist John Michael preps the release of his new album Like A Drug on November 6th, he releases a new song from the project titled “Inevitable.”

A chill sexy tune produce by RicandThadeus, Michael sings of a future good time that’s a sure thing. “Baby put it on me, ride it don’t stop till you want me,” he sings.

Like a Drug also boast s the songs “Like A Drug” and “All You Gotta Say”, and follows up his previous project Sophisticated.

Recently on Twitter, Michael explained the meaning of the title and the proceess of the album's fruition:

“This new album Like A drug is made up of songs that really do show who I am as an artist right now. Contrary to popular belief the album title like a drug has a far different meaning than the song like a drug. I called he album like a drug because music, the music biz, the people u meet, special treatment, attention. It's all a drug to me. I chased it so long and when I got a little hit of that high it's hard to cope with anything else. U spend the rest of your life chasing that same first high. But it most likely will never feel like that again. But when u chase a high u start sacrificing any and everybody to get it. Music is no different. In pursuit of all that I went through one of the toughest years of my life in 2014. But I'm fortunate because unlike a lot of new artists I kept my head straight and took care of myself instead of hoping someone else would. Once the album cycle is over every artist is on their own until they can create new stuff. Luckily for me I run my own studio so I kept pumping out music in spite of what I was going through in 2014. 3 mixtapes. Now I'm here today stronger and better off than I ever have been financially and spiritually. All because I weathered the storm and now I can't wait til 11.6.15.”