Tinashe Hot For Interview Magazine: “This Year Has Been a Crazy Year”

Tinashe brings her tomboyish style to Interview Magazine for an exclusive jazzed up shoot. In the spread, the 21-year-old beauty, who released her debut album, Aquarius, this year, rocks a body-hugging black dress in one photo and a sports bra in another.

Check out a few excerpts from her sit down:

On Her Debut Aquarius: This year has been a crazy year for me and my life has totally changed. People look at me differently. I can’t really go places anymore without getting noticed. I’m playing shows, multiple times a week. I’m touring. I’m going overseas. It’s a big difference. It’s awesome.

On Making It In Music: There are small moments, but I always have really high expectations so I continue to push for the next level. I think one of the best moments this year was when I turned on my local radio station and I heard my song and then I turned it to the next local station I listen to and I heard my song. Then I turned to a third local station I listen to and I heard my song. That was really crazy.

On Her Confidence: Because everybody always encouraged me to sing I assumed that I wasn’t bad at it. It felt like it was obvious what I was going to pursue. I thought I was good for as long as I can remember.

On Her First Film: I was in my first movie when I was five. I just loved to entertain and put on a show. I really fell in love with acting at an early age. I always had a great time on set. I knew I was doing something professional, I think. It taught me about professionalism at a really early age and how to conduct myself in the entertainment industry and those types of environments.


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