Date Night With The Carters: Beyonce & Jay Z Take on Broadway

With all their joint business ventures, it’s obvious Beyonce and Jay Z spend a lot of time together. But date nights are important for married couples to keep things fresh, and Bey and Jay are no exception to stealing away from all the work and child(ren) for a night of R&R.

On Sat (June14), the couple was spotted attending the second to last performance of the Broadway production of “A Raisin in the Sun” starring Denzel Washington. According to reports, they entered the theater just seconds before show time, and seconds before curtain close to avoid grabbing the attention of show-goers.

These flicks show the couple creeping in and out of the theater, Beyonce in a shimmery 70's-inspired suit, and Jay in all black jacket and pants.

Date night: Accomplished!

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