Kelis Shows Off Her Vintage Home and Wardrobe, Talks New Album, Watching Ratchet TV, More

Kelis recently opened her home and closet to The Coveteur, and the result were a plethora of vintage and classic pieces that could find their way into a fashion museum. While at the singer-songwriter’s home, the staffers were treated to an exclusive listening of Kelis’ forthcoming album, Food, and Hors d'oeuvre from her upcoming culinary line. In addition, Kelis did a simple, but fly photo shoot and chat with the outlet about various topics.

Check out some quotes from the interview below and make sure you check out The Coveteur for more of Kelis’ home.

"My first ever designer splurge was a pair of pink thigh-high Giuseppe Zanotti boots."

"I don’t ever want to part with any of my shoes. They all have a special place in my heart because they say something about who you are today."

"I was watching a show and saw an ad for cooking school and thought to myself, 'I can do that.' Cooking starts with common sense. Try some!"

"Because I dress based on emotions, I don’t have [style] moments that I hate. I once had this pink latex body suit made and Alexander McQueen huff shoe on and made myself into an animal."

"Music has always been in my family. My father’s a musician and it was just a part of growing up."

"Guilty pleasure: watching Ratchet TV, love a flee market but don’t feel guilty about it, and Wetzel Pretzel."

"'Food' is an album that I’ve always wanted to make, and working along Dave A. Sitek (producer) was a true joy."

"Advice: nurture your natural talents."

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