Iggy Azalea Gets Sexy With NBA Boyfriend Nick Young in GQ

If you thought they had problems, think again! Rapper Iggy Azalea is showing the world that she and her Los Angeles Laker boyfriend, Nick Young, are still going strong with a new sexy spread for the March issue of GQ magazine. In the mag, Iggy shows off what her momma gave her while Nick gets fitted in colorful outfits.

Speaking with the mag, the couple opened up about what they liked about each other physically, what make their relationship pop, and more.

For those of you who don’t know, Nick was able to bag Iggy on Twitter after tweeting that she was his #WomanCrushWednesday.

Check out some highlights from the chat:

On their favorite body parts:

Nick: My favorite part about Iggy would have to be that little mole she got on her face. It’s so nice. The assets that she carry around… [Iggy laughs]

Iggy: That’s really sweet. I like your butt, too. My favorite body part of Nick’s is his big, juicy booty. [both laugh] Not really! I love Nick’s smile! That’s what made me want to go on a date with Nick. Once you see the eyes and dimples, I can’t say no!

Nick on the most surprising thing about Iggy

Nick: She’s more down to the earth than I thought. I thought she was going to come in with the mink on, acting saditty. But she did come in with the mink on! [Iggy laughs] But she did come in smiling with the mink on!


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