Nicki Minaj Flips Her Wig…Literally!

The natural hair care industry is booming right now with more and more black women ditching the creamy crack and embracing their natural curls and all that can be done with them. It's a rite of passage, an achievement, if you will, when black woman wear their natural hair…ESCPECAILLY when it hasn’t been seen much, kept hidden (and protected) under weaves, wigs, etc.

So it’s kind of a big deal when Nicki Minaj, the queen of wacky wig art, shows off photos of her flaunting her real tresses during a photo shoot. She makes sure we see how long her high ponytail is as she holds it up at arm’s length: “No perm. No extensions!” she wrote as a caption (maybe a blow-dry or flat iron, at most). What you thought were outlandish wigs were really just protection for the femcee’s crowning glory (but we’re sure it helps that her tresses are under the care of top-notch hairstylists!)

Nice Nicki! Could this be a new era for Nicki’s image that’ll go along with this new music she’s working on? Should Nicki keep rocking her real hair, or it better left under the wigs?

Sound off!

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