Top 30 Songs For Cheaters, Cry Babies & Creeps

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There are three types of people involved in a love triangle: the cheater, the one who he/she is cheating on (cry baby) and the one he/she is cheating with (creep). We should have done an interview with Peter Gunz, his girlfriend of 13 years (2 children) and his artist turned mistress, Amina but that is for another article. Luckily, R&B provides us with a wide range of titles from the point of view of these three participants. We went on the hunt for the go-to songs to listen to when you find yourself in a cheating situation. Whether they are expressing grief, contempt or guilt, these artists know all about cheating and the emotions that come with it. Have you ever cheated or been cheated on?

Is there a song that brings you back to that experience? (Feel free to share!)

What category do you find yourself in?

A. Cheater
B. Cry Baby
C. Creep

Take a Bow - Rihanna

Take a Bow – Rihanna

Some men are talented actors knowing the right things to say and do. Little do we know they are putting on the same show for another girl. Instead of giving him a standing ovation, just stand up and walk away.

When a Woman's Fed Up - R. Kelly

When a Woman’s Fed Up – R. Kelly

If you don’t want to find out the hard way, take it from R. Kelly. When a woman is fed up she can run into the arms of another man. Make sure you are playing your part as her man, or someone who is more committed to the role may replace you.

Here We Go - Trina

Here We Go – Trina

Sometimes you have to say enough is enough. When he’s giving you all of the excuses in the world, just look him in his face and say “uh huh, okay, what’s up, shut up!” Then you walk away and don’t look back.

Same Girl  - R Kelly and Usher

Same Girl – R Kelly and Usher

Men aren’t the only cheaters-some of us women do it too. Be careful about who you are seeing when your man is out of town. It may be the close friend he grew up with that you haven’t met yet.

Girl at Home - Trey Songz

Girl at Home – Trey Songz

Word of advice, avoid falling in love with a man who belongs to someone else. It sucks! If you already find yourself in this position, I have two words for you: move on. If he has not left her yet, chances are he has no intention of doing so. Do your heart a favor and distance yourself as soon as possible.

It Wasn't Me - Shaggy

It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy

Men, please do not take Shaggy’s advice when it comes to cheating. This excuse will obviously not work on any woman with a brain, and if it does, you should probably rethink your relationship anyway. It is a good throwback though, so definitely give it a listen.

Last Time  - Trey Songz

Last Time – Trey Songz

We have all said “This is the last time” too many times to count. It’s hard to choose between two girls/guys sometimes but it is not fair to either girls/guys. Do yourself a favor and choose one before they choose for you, because then you may end up with nothing.

Confessions Part II - Usher

Confessions Part II – Usher

Have the consequences of your infidelities ever forced you to have to confess? It is bad enough telling your girl that you cheated; adding a baby to that complex equation will result in a very messy situation. To avoid this just remember, no glove, no love. Or here’s an idea; don’t cheat.

Down Low  - R Kelly

Down Low – R Kelly

This song is dedicated to that guy who is in love with his boss’ girl; a position that no one wants to be in. If you need guidance on what to do, watch R. Kelly’s video-it will knock come sense into you.

Unfaithful - Rihanna

Unfaithful – Rihanna

You never thought you would be the kind of girl who would be unfaithful to her man did you? Love can trap you when you find it in two different places. This track knows all about the guilt that is tearing you up inside.

Boyfriend Number Two - Pleasure P

Boyfriend Number Two – Pleasure P

Pleasure P may not mind being boyfriend number two, but I am sure boyfriend number one is not as open minded. This track is proof that if you don’t treat her like a queen, someone else will. This goes both ways ladies-there are girls lining up to give your man the royal treatment.

Dilemma Nelly feature - Kelly Rowland

Dilemma Nelly feature – Kelly Rowland

Quick story time: you met an amazing girl, you are both attracted to one another, you click and you even think she may be the one. There is just one problem: she is spoken for. As long as she is not married, I would say it may be considered. But stay cleared of anyone with a ring; you don’t want to be labeled as a home wrecker.

If that was your Boyfriend - Meshell Ndegeocello

If that was your Boyfriend – Meshell Ndegeocello

Do you know who you’re man was with last night? If not, start an investigation because girls like this one aren’t hard to find these days.

Not Gon Cry - Mary J. Blige

Not Gon Cry – Mary J. Blige

This is the go to song if he cheats, primarily because it was on the ‘Waiting to Exhale’ soundtrack. You should probably skip setting his car on fire in your driveway. But definitely get a new fly due, go on a shopping spree and flaunt everything he foolishly gave up.

Sideline Ho - Monica

Sideline Ho – Monica

If you want to address your man’s side chick, put her in her place and send her the lyrics to this song.

 He's Mine  - Mokenstef

He’s Mine – Mokenstef

You have to make it clear to some of these girls who your man belongs to. They see a handsome man with a job and brains and forget how to act. They pounce, not concerned with whether he is single or not.

Case of the ex - Mya

Case of the ex – Mya

I am sure I was not the only pre-teen singing this 90’s hit into my hairbrush. Although, we can appreciate Mya’s lyrics more now that some of us have men with exes who don’t know how to act.

I Should Have Cheated  - Keyshia Cole

I Should Have Cheated – Keyshia Cole

Even though she did not cheat, this track should be a lesson learned. Your trust issues can cause him/her to start doing everything you accused her of doing.

John Legend - She Don’t Have to Know

John Legend – She Don’t Have to Know

This one is for that girl cheating on her man with another man, who is cheating on his girl with her. Still with me? That is four potential broken hearts. Trust me, someone is going to find out.

In Love with Another Man - Jazmine Sullivan

In Love with Another Man – Jazmine Sullivan

The worst type of cheating is emotional. It hurts everyone involved one way or another, but it happens to the best of us. If you ever find yourself falling for another man, this song is for you.

My Baby  Bow-wow - Jagged Edge

My Baby Bow-wow – Jagged Edge

Sometimes you need to be the one to rescue her from that already broken relationship. Show her an example of a man who knows how to treat a woman and keep her happy.

Can’t Let You Go - Fabulous

Can’t Let You Go – Fabulous

It’s a small world. That girl you are sneaking around with could be in the same circle with that other girl you are sneaking around with. Be careful guys. It’s always safe to stick with one.

Marvin’s Room - Drake

Marvin’s Room – Drake

Whether we are the caller or the receiver, we have all experienced the infamous 2 a.m. drunk call from an ex. Drake provides us with the perfect theme song for this situation.

Girl - Destiny’s Child

Girl – Destiny’s Child

It’s not easy being the one to tell your best friend that her man is cheating, but if you don’t do it who will? If she’s your girl, then there is nothing to contemplate. Just make sure you are 100% sure he is stepping out on her or it may not end well for your friendship.

Bust Your Windows - Jazmin Sullivan

Bust Your Windows – Jazmin Sullivan

Be careful men! You should know how crazy we can be by now. Break our hearts and you will be lucky if all we break is your windows. Don’t estimate a woman with a broken heart.

Hit ‘em up style - Blu Cantrell

Hit ‘em up style – Blu Cantrell

If Blu taught you one lesson, it should be to make him pay for his side chick. Quit crying over him and opt for a shopping spree on him instead.

Never Keeping Secrets - Babyface

Never Keeping Secrets – Babyface

We all make mistakes and if your man/lady is pleading with half the passion Babyface portrays through this song maybe you should consider forgiving just don’t forget.

Karma  - Alicia Keys

Karma – Alicia Keys

If you want to take a more positive approach to being cheated on, give this number a listen. Move on and rely on the fact that he will face his consequence in due time.

If Your Girl Only Knew - Aaliyah

If Your Girl Only Knew – Aaliyah

Just because she’s open to being the other woman doesn’t mean she wants to be your woman. In the words of Aaliyah, “She’s crazy to put up with you, but I won’t be no fool.”

Creep - TLC

Creep – TLC

Just because she is open to being the other woman does not mean she wants to be your woman. In the words of Aaliyah, “She’s crazy to put up with you, but I won’t be no fool.”