Cover Girl: Rihanna Goes Madusa For GQ, Goth For 032c Magazine

Rihanna is taking edginess to new heights with her latest magazine covers.

The pop superstar goes topless with snakes around her breast and on top of her head for British GQ magazine's 25th anniversary issue (December 2013). The shot was inspired by Medusa, a Gorgon or ugly female with venomous snakes in place of hair, who turned people looking to stone.

Revealing the cover, Rihanna tweeted, “Medusa head on me like I’m ‘luminati!!!! She. x Damien Hirst #GQ #25thAnniversary #COVER."

In another post, she wrote about the snakes, "I love playing with dominant animals! These 2 were double the trouble, but they're superstars!!! #snakez #GQ #RiRi #88babies #25thanniversary"

The issue hits newsstands in the UK on October 31.

Along with GQ, Rihanna covers another UK magazine. With some creative power, RiRi goes for the Goth look for 032c Magazine's Winter 2013/2014 issue.

“Thank you @032C for the creative freedom you let me have in this shoot!!! Congrats to @melzy917 on a bad na$ty issue!!!” she tweeted.

Do you like these covers?

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