Top Five Heartbreaks of Basketball Wives

Royce Reed and her Father

Royce Reed and her Father

In episode 11 of season four, a more melodramatic argument surfaces between Robert Reed and his daughter when the father-daughter duo meets in a public park. Royce is confronted with questions regarding her son, Braylon Howard. Her father is worried about the amount of exposure her son is getting; which offends Royce and sends her over the edge and onto the floor in tears. Isn’t it ironic though-she makes a remark about her father treating her like a little girl, while throwing a tantrum in public? But let’s not blame it all on Royce. Her father’s constant scrutiny and lack of support also contributes to the problems in their relationship but we can only hope that they are working through them. This wasn’t your typical heartbreak but it did bring about a few unforgettable, yet unfortunate scenes.

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