John Legend Covers Uptown, Talks New Album, Wedding, Being Famous, More

John Legend is cool as a fan on the cover of the latest issue of UPTOWN magazine. Shoe by photographer Matthew Williams, in his sit down, the multi-Grammy winning R&B crooner speaks on his new album, his upcoming nuptials with fiance Chrissy Teigen, and his relationship with Kanye west. Check out some excerpts below.

On Titling his new album Love in the Future…Part of it is purely autobiographical. So, in the literal sense, I am beginning a new journey. I am getting married and starting a family, hopefully. It is about embracing that future with optimism and hope and knowing that it’s going to be an interesting journey. What is the place for this classic music in a modern world? At the core, I am a soul artist. But I am willing to push myself to redefine what soul music is supposed to sound like.

On getting married… We got engaged in 2011 and we are getting married later this year. I am looking forward to having kids and growing old together. That’s why we are doing it, because we intend to stay together forever. We have already been together for quite some time. It’s been great. I have learned a lot about myself, and hopefully we will continue to grow.

On escaping negative press…I am very famous, but I am not Justin Bieber famous. Paparazzi aren’t following me everywhere I go or focused on every minute of my life. There is definitely always someone watching, and you don’t have any real privacy. But I certainly have a measure of privacy that certain super, super, superstars don’t have. I think I am at that good level of famous, that makes me successful. I have the reach and the audience that I want to have. It does not make it overwhelming.

On Being Famous…Traveling the world, getting the acclaim and love from the fans. I enjoy it. It’s nice to get a reservation at a great restaurant at the last minute. You can get into any club that you want to get into and have the red carpet rolled out for you. Everyone loves to be treated [like they are] special. Fame earns you that privilege. Of course, you lose things as well. But the good outweighs the bad.

On Fatherhood…I don’t know and I don’t want to speculate. Fatherhood is something that you grow into. No one is born a father. You do not start learning to be a father until you meet your child. But [as an artist], he is focused, passionate, and on a mission to get his thoughts out. He will continue to have people talking and challenge his listeners. That’s his role and he has been great in that role so far.

Head over to UPTOWN and read the full interview

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