Michelle Williams Magnetic on Cover of Michigan Ave, Reveals Album Title

Michelle Willams looks enchanting on the cover of Michigan Ave Magazine's latest digital issue. In her sit down with the outlet, the Destiny's Child diva opens up about her new album, Journey to Freedom, life, Broadway, Beyonce and Kelly and more.

On Being Thrown in Stardom: Ten years. I consider myself a little girl up there on that stage thrown to the wolves. I pretty much was. My very first Broadway role was a lead character. That’s absolutely insane. Even with Destiny’s Child, I didn’t have a lot of experience, but growing up [and participating in] the Creative and Performing Arts program [in Rockford’s schools] gives you the confidence to just go for it. I’m very proud that I can look at my résumé and see all I’ve done, and I can’t wait to do more. I hope to originate a role on Broadway one day. I’m very excited about my growth.

On Her Upcoming Album Journey to Freedom and Life: People identify when your music comes from the heart and speaks truth. There was a time last year when I didn’t know if I could record and finish one song, and it took me a while to really be comfortable and allow other people to help me with my thoughts. We had some incredible writers who were able to help me with my own situation, and it really helped deliver me out of some of those dark moments.

On The Influence of Beyonce and Kelly on Her Career: Being in the group that long—with even Bey and Kelly, being in the group that long for them—just rubs off on you. The friendships continue to inspire, but the genres are so different now. I can’t wait for them to hear [my new album], so I can be like “Okay, what do y’all think?” They’re like, “Girl, do this or do that.” But we really try to keep the solo stuff separate.

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