Ride Out: Usher On His Suit and Fly Ish

We knew he was cool, but who knew Ursh was THIS cool?

Usher was spotted leaving Barney’s, on Friday (April 12). So what? A lot of celebrities can be seen leaving the designer junkie’s heaven, you say. But Usher left the store by hopping into an unexpected set of wheels; not a sports car, or luxury Range Rover even, but a fly, custom bike given to him by producer Rico Love (see “TTLO” on the side, Love’s signature tagline “turn the lights off”).

Not only that, you KNOW you’re the stuff when you ride out on your custom bike in a suit! Usher sported some dapper, navy blue threads, purple button-up, and black boots that matched his helmet (safety first!)

Just another day of the rich and famous in L.A.!

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