5 Reasons Chicks Should “Bow Down” to Beyonce

Gang Affiliated

Gang Affiliated

(Destiny Child) Gang Affiliated – She is from the gang called Destiny’s Child and they are survivors. The group, which includes Beyonce, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland are the models of what a female group should be at a time when groups are extinct. These three women ride or die for each other on and off the stage. If you mess with one you mess with them all.

With all this going on, its not hard to see why Beyonce would tell all the other ladies to “Bow Down”. We can only speculate who she was talking to but regardless it seems like Beyonce wants to be heard and is not trying to cool off anytime soon.

Do you think Beyonce went too far or is it just a way for her to express herself?

Do you think this will affect her image?

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