I Like My Women Like I Like My Cheese…White (Exotic) or Yellow?

Some women say, " I like my men tall, dark, bald and handsome." That's totally cool but as soon as a brother says he likes his women exotic, light with silky hair it's a PROBLEM. Isn't it all about preferences? I like my women like I like my cheese … white or yellow!(Yeah, I said it. lol) Well, it's not that I don't like my sisters. I do with all my heart. I just like the mix. There is something magical about people from various backgrounds. It's like God just took the best things of all races and blended them up into one awesome desert. YUMMY!!!

It’s ironic that the same girl that only dates dark skinned men has a problem with someone dating “exotic” looking women. Hmmm … sounds like a double standard. I like that “exotic” look but it also doesn't mean that I dismiss a beautiful darker skinned female. There is beauty in every shade. I love beauty and beauty does not belong to anyone group, skin tone, hair texture or race! As we move further into the future and the world is coming closer as a global community. It’s inevitable that we will venture off and explore new “territory”.

Is this a bad thing?

This is one of the most controversial issues in the black community because its roots come from discrimination and race relations of the past. However, this is not about fighting the power it’s more about a personal preference … or is it?

Have we been brainwashed?

You hear singers and rappers talking about it all the time. They talk about their trips to exotic islands off the coast of who knows where. It seems we’ve traveled far away from LL Cool J’s “Around the Way Girl” to the Around the World Girls. Drake, French Montana, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne love to have these exotic chicks pop that thing in MIA. Kendrick Lamar wouldn’t mind getting these ladies in his swimming pool for some drinks on the West Coast. Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake put on the suit and tie just for these ladies somewhere in the south of France. They all talked about different places, but all touch upon the allure of that pretty young exotic thing. It’s all in their lyrics. Today’s Renaissance man seems to have more options and I think he likes it. Those options have been coming in the shape of the Kim Kardashians (Turkish Armenian, Russian Armenian, Scottish and Dutch), Rosa Acosta (Dominican) and Rihanna (Barbadian) of the world.

• Singer Omarion admitted that he has a preference for lighter skinned women, as his own mother is "light-skinned-and it would be natural for him to be attracted to women who look that way."

• Hip-hop mogul, Diddy has also come under fire. In March of 2009, he placed an ad seeking models for a Ciroc Vodka promotion-as long as they were "White, Hispanic, or light-skinned African American."

• In a radio interview, popular R&B singer, Neyo commented that "all the prettiest kids are light-skinned…" [when asked about his current love life.]

People of color have been battling over what is more beautiful. It could be lighter or darker that’s up to you … I guess. I think beauty is beauty, but that’s neither here nor there.

What do you think ladies and gentlemen?

Do you think if it ain’t light it ain’t right or do you think the darker the berry the sweeter the juice?

Do you like your men or women like you like your cheese… white or yellow? I’ll leave it up to you… the people.

I just said that to get you mad.

– Mase