Beyonce Rehearses for Inaugural National Anthem Performance

If anyone remembers Beyonce’s rendition on the Star Spangled Banner at the 2004 Super Bowl, then you know her singing the nation’s song will be nothing short of amazing; it (arguably) rivals the legendary version done by Whitney Houston at the 1991 Super Bowl!

At today’s presidential inauguration for Barack Obama’s second term, Beyonce will perform the National Anthem once again, and she documented the rehearsals with photos on Tumblr. She practices in the studio, and we even see the sheet music for the arrangement. There’s also a close-up of the podium’s tape strips of where all parties are supposed to stand during the swearing-in ceremony.

Surely Beyonce’s Inaugural National Anthem will go down in history with the President’s second term which coincides with the national observation of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

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