Sammie Post Up in Harlem; Talks Hobbies, Women, More [EXCLUSIVE PHOTO SHOOT]

Sammie kicked it with Singersroom recently in Harlem and dished on a few topics like his hobbies, women, and personal qualities, all while we snapped some photos of him. Check it out below

On His Hobbies…I’m an avid reader, I love to read. I think expanding my vocabulary and opening my mind to other things is very essential, especially becoming the man I want to be. I like to draw, I’m a of lover of art, working out, anything competitive; I love basketball, I love football…anything to free my mind. Very outdoor-sy, I went zip lining not too long ago; skydiving, that was very crazy, but I enjoyed myself.

On PimpingInsomnia the project is about me being at a stand still. I got one foot in where I kind of want to still play, I have a little roster of women, and then I think the real me kind of want to settle down and find that one woman I can try to give my all to.

On His Unique Qualities…I’m real silly, I like to make people smile. I’m also a party guy, who is all about a good time. I like people around me having fun, because I don’t like people hurt or struggling or crying. I’ve been this way coming up as a kid; always been caring. That’s one of the traits women like about me; very nurturing, caring, and love to uplift.

On Handling Setbacks…God first. Going through so many things that I’ve been through in this business…I think that If I didn’t have that spiritual foundation, I probably would of lost my mind by now. I have a strong faith.

On How People Should See Him…I inspire to be great. Musically, I want to be one of the greatest songwriters of all time. I want them to say he was a genuine dude, he stayed true to R&B, he was creative, innovative…”

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