5 Eligible Bad Boys For K. Michelle

If you paid attention to K. Michelle’s career, personal testimonies and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, you see an extraordinary woman that has been through a lot. They often say behind every successful man, there is a strong, gorgeous and voluptuous woman. In many respects that is true. You have Barack and Michelle, Jay-Z and Beyonce and Vince and Tamar. (You get the point.) Well, we just wanted to try our hand at finding a nice match for the gorgeous K. Michelle because maybe she wants a man to have her back.

First we have to think of some qualities that K. Michelle may like. All of these individuals possess many of the following qualities: ambitious, adventurous, humorous, caring, handsome, edgy, generous and strong.

Check out our list below and provide some feedback.

Do you guys have any qualities or attributes that we missed?

Who could you see with K. Michele or did we miss some people? Let us know! (Add to comments.)

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