4 Reasons Saying The P***Y Is Yours May Not Be The Best Idea If You’re Not Miguel

You may love a woman, but being able to say what you really feel about her goods might get you slapped. Every man gets connected to the punani when they get too involved and its good. Its just a man thing. Well I guess it could be a female thing too, but in a man’s head, after a while, he really thinks no one has had sex with this person and no one will have sex with this person because they feel the p***y is theirs. We love how Miguel says this in his record, but sometimes this statement can get a little crazy. Here are four reasons you need to be careful when you tell that girl “The P***y Is Mine”.

Watch the Video for Miguel’s “P***y Is Mine”

Just be careful before you speak. Make sure you know what your lady likes to hear and what she doesn’t like to her.

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