Rihanna Emerges from London Hotel, Snaps Shirtless Pic of Chris Brown

Seems like there are thousands of pictures of Rihanna leaving her hotel wearing somewhat wacky outfit combinations. And truthfully, being a trendsetter in style, she can do that! The latest in Rihanna’s archive of hotel-departure fashion are photos of the fashionista leaving her London hotel in what looks to be just plain, simple comfort. In an over-sized denim shirt over a white T-shirt and black beanie with orange fuzz ball on top, she’s set for warmth on a chilly day in England. However, nothing much on the bottom half, just thigh-high pantyhose and black and neon green high top sneakers…well, so much for keeping warm.

Speaking of photos and Rihanna, looks like the star has let the cat out of the bag when it comes to rumors that Chris Brown and Rihanna have rekindled their flame during the Thanksgiving holiday while in Berlin. The “Nobody’s Business” duet partners may not be claiming each other publicly, but there’s no need to after seeing this photo of what looks to be Chris Brown lying face down in bed on a “Simpsons” blanket. Rihanna tweeted the pic with the caption “Dis n*gga……#BartObsessed.” Some are saying the pic isn’t Brown, though, after analyzing the mystery man’s back art. Can any Chris Brown connoisseurs out there let us know if it’s him or not?

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