Teena Marie’s Daughter Alia Rose Plans to Release Last Songs

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Alia Rose, Teena Marie’s daughter, will release the last songs her mother recorded from her Pasadena home studio on the forthcoming album ‘Beautiful.’ “The project was a bittersweet thing. I knew that only I could get it done, but I almost didn’t want to finish because I knew it would be the last time I’d get to work on it,” said Rose.

Rose co-wrote “Rare Breed” and “Sweet Tooth,” which she performed along side, In addition to “Give Me Your Love”.

The dark and spiritual posthumous album’s creative direction is described as: “If you listen to the lyrics, it’s almost as if she was making that transition to the spiritual world as the record was being made, which is incredible,” says Alia. “It’s like we’re going on this journey with her.”

The project is slated for release on January 15, 2013. The first single, “Luv Letter,” pays homage to Teena’s Motown roots and is a dedication to Alia’s father, who just happened to be a postman.

Following the release of ‘Beautiful,’ Alia may pursue the same career path as her late mother Teena Marie.

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