4 Signs You Dig His Flattery More Than Him

That pretty apocalyptic moment when he doesn’t compliment you on the day you know you’re looking good… Like dude, you don’t see all of this? *points at everything* You can’t ask him why he didn’t compliment you, because quite frankly, who does that? So you gotta deal with it. For some of us, we’re over it before we were under it. For others, the crafty ones, we rely on our handy stash of sweet nothing whisperers to supply our regular fix of validation. And who he be? The guy you know will always like your pic, fawn over your look, shower you with attention, and basically gushes about how you’re the best thing since Coconut Ciroc. Well maybe not all of that, but something reminiscent. Go ahead and roll your eyes at the aforementioned juvenileness or from a 1-D perspective –insecurity. But Freud ain’t no fool – in every grown-ass woman, there’s a girl twirling in a dress asking if she looks pretty. And for every guy that says “Hell yes,” mental notes are taken. After all, flattery will get you everywhere.

Now everywhere tends to include a lot of locations, including run arounds. To make sure that these purveyors of sweet nothings don’t end up nice guys turned bitter, ladies we gotta keep a firm grasp on our attention whoring, meaning we have to know when we’re more into the attention he gives than we are actually into him.

Here are few red flags that should help your cause and dignify some men in the process:

1. We Get Aggy When We’re Not Complimented … Whether he’s your back-up guy or a hopeful prisoner locked in the friend zone, he serves a purpose. And on those days that he’s not there, or available, or even in the mood to fawn, it feels like his purpose has been unfulfilled. You may even begin to wonder why he’s around because his lack of attention comes off as a robbery, as if he’s depriving you of something owed. When you’re truly into someone you may notice and get disappointed, but it’s not going to compromise how you feel about them or whether or not they should kick rocks.

2. We Don’t Get Jelly Over Other Girls That Like His Pics
… You know damn well you’re giving those ‘like’ clicks a slight graze when his shots pop up on that feed. You may even have to eye in on a few comments from time to time, because as we all know –chick’s be thirsty. This although petty, is a true indicator of genuine interest. If you’re not doing them for him, you’re just not about that genuinely into him life.

3. We Don’t Know Or Care About The Last Time He Called Us … There are some people you may love when you see, but when you don’t see them, they’re out of sight and out of mind. If he’s one of them it’s for a reason.

4. We Don’t Feel Any Lust For Dude. Not A Drop. Let’s face it. We women know if and when he’s getting the red light special. We had it figured out at “Hello,” “Excuse me,” or “Where’s the bathroom?” If you “don’t know” by now if he’s eligible for it, it’s because he’s not. The lust isn’t there, which means that the love (as in ‘In love’) is even farther.

Overall, there’s nothing wrong with loving the way someone makes you feel. It’s just important to know why you love the way they make you feel. Do they empower your spirit or your ego? The latter will eventually bring out your ugliness, and then nobody will think you’re pretty. So please fellow CGS sufferers, make sure you identify that those initial swooning feelings are truly butterflies and not the light headedness from all that helium he pumped.

Good Times Pals!

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