Jay Sean Talks Not Changing a Damn Thing, Conquering Continents, Versatility, More

Pop/soul singer-songwriter Jay Sean took America by storm in 2009 with his single “Down,” from his international debut album ‘All or Nothing’ on Cash Money Records. A humbled artist, Jay has been creating music for over 10 years, blessing fans around the world with an arsenal of songs, which includes, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Latin and more. Now gearing up for his fourth studio release, Jay chopped it up with Singersroom about impacting fans in every continent, not changing what he has accomplished, being versatile and more.

The Other Side… Well, I just finished working on my album right now called “Worth It All”. The album will be out late fall. I have one single out called “I’m All Yours” featuring Pitbull and another song called “Sex 101” with Tyga; it is more like an album street song. This song is to show America another side of me that they haven’t heard before. They know the pop stuff, but they don’t know the other side of me so I really needed to introduce that and for them to understand the other side of me so that when the album comes out because it is a mix of Pop, R&B and feel good music.

Musical Niche… I’m not trying to confuse people. I think people understand what my niche is. I think when people hear my songs and when I talk to my fans and they hear a Jay Sean song, they think of feel good and uptempo, the kind of stuff you want to put in when you want to unwind for the day and have a great time. That is me! That is one side of me! Like I said, people and songwriters don’t have just one dimension so the other side of me…of course you know you gotta do something for the ladies, the fellas and the mixtapes when you trying to seal the deal and those are the R&B songs.

Not Living In a Box… I would like to be understood as a versatile artist. Currently, I have the #1 single on the Latin Billboard Charts. I also have written the number #1 single in Australia and this happened all in the same week. So as an artist and a songwriter, I believe in being versatile. I believe in not living in a box. No one human being lives in a box, there are different personalities and different sides to us and that is how I am as an artist. There are times where I want to make people smile and feel good, I got those songs for you. There are times when I want people to think about life, I got those songs for you. Then, there are times when I want to make people cry and I’ll write some ballads that will do that shit to you, so for me a I am a versatile artist.

Mr. Worldwide… I am so blessed to be able to say that I have impacted every single continent around the globe. South America was the last continent I really needed to impact, I had the rest of the world for the last ten years. Three years ago, I came to America and got the audience here and I managed to capture the South America audience with my song with Chino & Nacho and it is called “Bebe Bonita,” so for me to say I can put a pen in every single continent around the map, I don’t think you can get better than that.

For The Long Haul… It took a long time. It took ten years. There might be people who would be like it’s a long time to keep at it but for me I wouldn’t take that back. An overnight star may not be equipped with the right skills to last in the game. When you have been in it as long as I have, you have seen everything and been everywhere, you have had bad shows and you’ve had great shows. You’ve had highs and lo’s and I have been through it all. I don’t think I would change a damn thing.

When It’s All Said and Done… I would want to be remembered as someone who has actually made an impact and changed people’s lives for the better. I think music is one of the very few things on earth that transcends all barriers, race, religion, color, creed, all of that. I think if my songs, any, any one of my songs, changed anyone’s life for the better, pulled them through a bad time, got them through a divorce, pulled them through anything then my purpose is fulfilled.

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