Tamia’s “Beautiful Surprise” Moves The Heart [REVIEW]

Tamia is truly the sweetheart of R&B. Her voice remains to be one of the most recognized and respected in the industry. After a six year hiatus, Tamia is back with her fifth studio album entitled “Beautiful Surprise”, which includes production from The Runners and Chuck Harmony and executive produced by hit songwriter Claude Kelly. As the release date approaches, Tamia playfully teases fans with lyrics from her new album via twitter. But no worries, I have a full review right here for you.

Tamia has affirmed herself as a platform for R&B and superhero songstress for a genre that was left behind in the 90’s, according to some folks. However, Miss Tamia has stayed true to her signature theme of love on this project and is not afraid to show off her five octave voice.

Tamia’s elegant intonation shines through from the very start of the album with the first track entitled “Lose My Mind”. The upbeat song shows Tamia’s vulnerability as she sings about missing her love so deeply that she cannot rest until he comes through the door. The second track is an argument as to why men should not make up for their lack of emotional connection with material gifts, as Tamia explains that she wants her man to give his heart on “Give Me You”. The following track is led by a Spanish guitar as this powerhouse earnestly belts a tune about her man giving his love away to another woman. “It’s Not Fair”, but I guess he thought he was irreplaceable!

We are quickly revived with a classic R&B sound on the fourth track, “Believe in Love” where Mrs. Hill urges listeners to know that “love is invincible”, as long as you believe. I can definitely rock with this! With energies high, we are directed to the fifth track which is the lead single for the album, “Beautiful Surprise“. Here we are reminded of the simplistic treasure of having the person you love beside you once you’re awake. At least now we know one person in the world is living out her fairytale love story!

The album then takes a trip downhill as the sweet vocalist professes she’s not strong enough to say goodbye to a love she once knew on “Is It Over Yet”. After not knowing how to let go of love, Tamia finds herself running away from it, but as usual, love catches up. “Love I’m Yours” is a slow tempo record that describes this race and the will to give love one last try.

Next stop, Jamaica! Tamia samples Chaka Demus and Pliers’ “Murder She Wrote” to describe the tricks she has up her sleeves for her man! Demonstrating how much your man means to you is Tamia’s aim on the suitably titled eighth track, “Him”. Latter to this reggae jam, “Miss Ting” serves us with alternative rock on “Still Love You”, explaining the real meaning of longevity. When she says, “Love has no standards like people do”, I couldn’t help but think she was referring to God.

“Because of You” is very much so the refreshing spiritual record on this album! Many of today’s R&B artists have gotten away from placing a Gospel track on their recordings, but Tamia has not forgotten to be thankful. Closing the album is a country ballad and my personal favorite, “Still,” a remake of her 2004 hit. This record utilizes Tamia’s compelling voice to prove that only real love, can conquer the test of time.

Having been in the music industry for over twenty years, Tamia deserves every print of recognition that crosses her avenue of success. A diva in her own right with a spirit of joy and humbleness, “Beautiful Surprise” has surely put a move on my heart!


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