Keshia Chante Poses for Aaliyah-esque Photo Shoot

With all the talk about an upcoming posthumous Aaliyah album involving Canadian rapper Drake, interest in all things Aaliyah is at an intense level since her passing in 2001. Canadian singer and Drake’s ex-flame Keshia Chante has long been pegged to play the late R&B songbird in a biopic.

In an interview earlier this year with Chris Yandek, Chante informs us that the film is up in the air due to the family’s wishes. “From my understanding, there are people trying to create a movie and Aaliyah’s family are still mourning her loss and aren’t ready to share her story and create a film. So there’s a bit of back and forth thing with her family and with creative people,” she said.

Recently, Chante posed for a photo shoot with photographer Matt Barnes. It’s unclear whether intentions were to portray Aaliyah, but the photos show her channeling the “street but sweet” aura of the late singer.

Check them out below:

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