5 Reasons to Beware of The Strip Club (If Your In A Relationship)

We can only speculate where and when the stripping business was “birthed.” It might have started simultaneously throughout the world. It’s a pretty simple idea. Beautiful women dance, take off their cloths, sell you a fantasy and eager men pay to be part of the extraordinary experience.

Stripping has been around for years, but has been a subcultural tradition that has thrived in the shadows. Today, stripping has made it’s way to the forefront. Movies and the heavy Dirty South influence in Hip Hop has made stripping part of today’s popular culture in many ways. Some people love it and some people are not so fond of this movement. With no censorship on the internet videos such as Nelly’s “Tip Drill” and Jeremih’s new release “Go To The Mo” seem to further push the limits. Things that were confined to the dark are definitely in the light. So what’s the big fuss about strippers and strip clubs? Here are a several things to think about fellas.(I’m speaking on behalf of the ladies who are not big on the strip club today.) But before I get to that I just wanted to share how Bernie Mac thought the stripping business was started. (He was a bona fide legend…for real!)

“The stripping business started out in Africa… a long time ago… long, long, long time ago. These white men went to Africa. They saw these beautiful black women walking around, singing, dancing, working and living… in the NUDE … BUCKET NAKEDS!!! You can see their public hairs. These white men went to seek out these beautiful black women watching them perform in the nude … TITTIES… @$$ for free! They got an idea to do the same thing with white women. They tried to get white women to move and dance in the nude like those black women. There was no shame in those beautiful black women being BUCKET NAKED! But to no avail the white men failed. Them white bitches looked them white men dead in the eye and said the most beautiful thing, “Fu@k that … pay me!” (This quote was not to be used to offend white women. There are awesome white strippers.)

R.I.P. Bernie Mac

1. MONEY Makes The World Turn … If you are not the infamous BMF clique or a billionaire save your money bro. It’s a recession! Do you know how many kids you could have fed from New Orleans or some random city in Central America? It ain’t tricking if you got it says Lil Wayne, but he wears zebra skinned tights so I am not really checking for Weezy to give me sound financial advice. I guess what I am saying is, make sure you have your priorities straight before you go wasting your money. (You better not have over due child support buddy!) Even Mr. Ray Lavendar weighed in on the topic saying the following:

“People go to the strip club to see who has the most money. Dudes in there are being egotistical. People just want to see who got the biggest duffle bag. You throw all your money and then you go to the waffle house? I don’t get it for the life of me. I just don’t understand how a grown ass man can throw up 40,000 in one night and leave alone just to head to the Waffle House.” – Ray Lavendar

2. Drama … The strip club can be a lot of fun. You may even go with your significant other if that’s what your into. However, sometimes certain things are just unnecessary drama waiting to happen. If you go to the strip club everyday there is a good chance you might develop a relationship with a dancer … or maybe not. The issue is it may make your lady at home, who is not into the strip club, a little uneasy. This may create insecurities which may manifest into negative behavior. Bachelor parties and birthday celebrations are cool, but if you’re a regular and you have a girlfriend, why are you really there? If you want to keep your house drama-free, stay away from the following places: strip clubs & ex-girlfriends’ houses.

3. Body of Work … You have to be equipped to work. There is no way around it. Strippers on the urban scene seem to have the most extra-ordinary bodies. They almost look like female superheroes. Butt injections, breast implants and other cosmetic surgeries are all part of the game. The problem is: do men really expect their woman to look like these women on the pole? Is it fair to compare your little lady to the twerking queen of the night with a body that would make Nikki Minaj jealous? I might venture to say that’s way too much pressure. That’s like expecting a man to look like Denzel Washington and be equipped like Mr. Marcus.

4. Just A Fantasy … The strip club is real. The women at the strip club are real. Everything is real, but at the same time it is a fantasy for you to enjoy (most of the time). Like I was saying earlier, it is unfair to expect your woman to look like a stripper. This fantasy in which you enjoy should be just that. When you want that fantasy to become a reality, it becomes an issue.

5. Respect the Hustle & Hustler … Please! Please! Please! Respect the strippers hustle. This is a game they play everyday. They are there to make you feel like they love you and can’t wait to see you again. Ask T-Pain about falling in love with a stripper … it can be a tricky business. If her job is to sell a fantasy, guess what – it’s a fantasy! So fellas, please make sure you keep that in mind when your ego starts to trip and you’re throwing money fast like Big Meech.

This article was just to give a different side of the “fantastic” world of stripping. Don’t let a fantasy ruin your reality.