Stevie J. Tale of A Successful Character

Mr. Stevie J. seems to be a topic of conversation lately, as one of the most popular characters of the “reality show” Love & Hip Hop. To many, he seems more like a super villain than a mere mortal being able to mesmerize woman with his charm. His charisma, forcefulness and unlimited amounts of confidence provide him with enough weapons to render the ladies (Mimi & Joceline) words and actions useless. Ladies, around the country are saying what is it about this guy and why are these girls so damn stupid. But it may not be their fault; it might just be something about Stevie. It may be his social or even sexual prowess. Shhhh, I don’t know it has to be something; the way he talks and moves. I’m just mad P. Diddy has been hiding such a character in the background for so long. I could have been laughing since the 90’s. 

Well let me get back to Stevie J. the man who seems to tell two stories. One story of a pimpish playboy and another of an accomplished artist. Born Steven Jordan in Buffalo, N.Y., he built a career on his talents as musician, singer, record producer and songwriter. He was at the head of the Bad Boy Entertainment’s Hitmen roster, which was the team of in-house producers and songwriters’ behind the label’s hit records during the 90s. He worked hand in hand with the boss Sean “Puffy” Combs, producing some of the hottest songs of the 90’s. The man was a part of the best production crew. Hate if you want but the brother is an extremely at crafting music. I guess I’m saying he may bug out on the show but he does have the ability to make beautiful music. Before we get to those great accomplishments lets laugh a little about the crazy things he has been able to say.

1. “I gave you another life!” (Stevie J. explains to Joceline how he changed her life.)

2. “Watch your mouth … be a lady!” (He has Joceline going to get an abortion and just told his baby mother that he got his artist pregnant. Even though the drama is going on he still feels confident enough to tell her to be a lady.)

3. “You’ll never be done speaking to me and watch how you speak to me (Joseline). Oh yeah you look good by the way.” (How do you get someone pregnant, have them get an abortion, tell your baby mother you got someone else pregnant and casually say this bullshit. You have to respect his gangster.)

4. “You know what your up against? You slut monkeys! “(So creative with his insults.)

5. “I’m sending you back to the strip club!!!” (Stevie J. threatens the ex stripper.)

Like I said before despite his unpopular commentary and treatment of women on Love & Hip Hop, Stevie J. has been helping the world vibe to many popular tunes of the last two decades. In many respects he is a legend.

Check out the countless amounts of work that he has done with various artists:

1996 ▪ Total: “Total” and “Who Is It Interlude” and “No One Else Remix” from the album Total ▪ Soul For Real: “Where Do We Go” from the album For Life ▪ 112: “112 Intro”, “Pleasure and Pain”, “Come See Me Remix”, “Sexy You Interlude”, “I Can’t Believe”, “Only You Remix”, “I Will Be There”, “In Love With You”, “Why Does”, “Throw It All Away”, “Only You” from the album 112 ▪ Boyz II Men: “Can’t Let Her Go” from the album Evolution

1997 ▪ Mariah Carey: “Breakdown”, “Honey”, “Baby Doll” from the album Butterfly ▪ Notorious B.I.G.: “Somebody Gotta Die”, “Mo Money Mo Problems”, “Notorious Thugs”, from the album Life After Death ▪ “I’ll Be Missing You”, ” from the album Tribute To The Notorious B.I.G. ▪ Puff Daddy and the Family: “Victory”, “Been Around The World”, “It’s All About The Benjiman’s”, “I’ll Be Missing You”, “Can’t Nobody Hold Ya Down” from the album No Way Out

1999 ▪ Tevin Campbell: “Another Way”, “For Your Love baby”, “My Love and Blind”, “Dandelion”, “Losing All Control”, “Siempre Estaras en Mi (Dandelion)” from the album Tevin Campbell ▪ Notorious B.I.G.: “Would You Die For Me” from the album Born Again

2003 ▪ Mary J. Blige: “Love At First Sight”, “Feel Like Making Love” from the album Love & Life ▪ 112: “It’s Going Down Tonight”, “Hot and Wet”, “Right Here for You”, “Knock You Down Interlude”, “Know You Down”, “Hot and Wet Remix”, “Give It To Me” from the album Hot&Wet ▪ Beyoncé: “Summertime” (Co-Producer/Writer) ▪ Snoop Dogg and Loon: “Gangsta Shit” from Bad Boys 2 Soundtrack

2007 ▪ Cheri Dennis: “Freak” from the album In And Out Of Love

2009 ▪ Day26: Forever In A Day produced by Anwar Sadler ▪ Aisha Ronaye’ “Girl’s Revenge” by Aisha Ronaye.’

I guess the moral of this story is fellas stop being nice, be successful, make money, be confident, sometimes rude and you will always have all the girls you want. It’s the American way. Well at least on reality television.