Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 4 Reasons Women Love Cheaters

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” has drummed up a lot of drama with only a few episodes in. Well, that was expected since most viewers watch it for the juicy, exciting and sometimes ratchet moments. What would a reality show be without unadulterated drama and chaos that seems almost scripted?

Regardless, if you question how real reality television is, there are situations in regard to relationships that these shows bring to light. Stevie J., legendary Bad Boy Hitman producer, is doing his “thang” as his woman (Mimi) tries to hold on. These situations help us to analyze how people are thinking and reacting as it happens. It is easy to say I wouldn’t do that as you watch someone’s life unfold. However, this situation and many others, bring me to four reasons women love a cheater. Keep in mind these reasons have nothing to do with women that lack self-esteem because there are many women that have high self-esteem and deal with the bull$hit.

1. Challenge – Some women see a man as a science project. A science project that no other women were able to make work. Making this project work makes them feel superior to other women that came before them. For the ladies that are constantly looking for a challenge, sometimes it can come back to haunt you. The reason being is people don’t change unless they are ready to change. No person can change another. Maybe it’s the competitive nature for a women to want to take a no good cheater and mold him into a nice little pet that cooks, cleans, tells you how amazing you look in that new dress, takes you shopping for no reason, remembers everything and looks forward to meeting every little micro-need. That women’s instinct to nature and mold a man is strong and necessarily not wrong, but it has to be curbed to help avoid problems in relationships.

2. Excitement – Some women don’t care about transforming a man they just love the drama. There is something about giving a man a nice cuss out just as he walks in the house for something you saw in his phone. You can release all that anger and frustration of the day on him.

3. Nice Guys Suck – Nice men suck! Well to some females they do because they are not a “challenge” or “exciting”. They seem to be too clingy and needy. You may agree or disagree but let us know how you feel. Have you been the “good girl” chasing the “bad guy”?

4. The High Life – It has to be said! Some women want to be in the in crowd and they want to continue to receive all the benefits (cars, houses, money, etc) from there no good man. They have all the evidence in their corner to show that their men are cheating, but they don’t want to lose the Prada lifestyle.