5 Reasons Men Think Rihanna is UNFORGETTABLE

Rihanna aka Robyn Rihanna Fenty has been America’s bad PARTY GIRL that everyone falls in love with for the last five years. Her wicked and edgy style whispers mystery and moans seduction. There is no wonder why bad boys and good boys alike have been attracted to this amazing young songstress. Who has been more successful, sexy and sought after as Ms. Rihanna? (No one…well maybe Beyonce, but she’s married and “out of the game.”) I dare to say no one in the last five years has been as alluring as the “Umbrella” superstar.

1. Sex Appeal – Yes, Rihanna is a beautiful young lady, but she undoubtedly has an unmatched mesmerizing sense of sex appeal. There is something magical about her eyes…they speak or maybe even sing. If she was born centuries ago she would probably have been a siren and luring sailors to their death. (I’m not saying Rihanna will lore anyone to their death, but she seems like she has that “killa” if you know what I mean.) Instead, she has been luring rappers, singers and athletes into her web. AMEN for that sex appeal!

2. “DREAMCHASER” (SUCCESSFUL) – Everyone has dreams, but only few chase them and actually catch them. Rihanna has done just that because of her drive and AMBITION of becoming a Pop icon. She has successfully controlled the rhythms of R&B, Pop, Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, and Dance genres. She has also stepped into the realm of acting. The “Talk That Talk” singer has acted in 5 films but her first acting debut, in “Battleship”, seems to show a promising future on the silver screen. It’s mind boggling to figure out how she has time to have led four extraordinary tours and been the recipient of countless music and lifestyle awards throughout the world. Since the beginning of her career, the “Birthday Cake” songstress has received 196 awards from 447 nominations in the Pop, R&B, Soul, Rock, and Rap genre categories. She has become the “black Madonna” of our time and there is no stopping her now. Like Madonna, she has also had her pick of some of the most popular and eligible bachelors of the day.

3. Exotic – If the sexy and aggressive Barbadian accent isn’t enough to excite, you there is plenty more in store. This Saint Michael, Barbados native was born to an Afro-Guyanese mother and Barbadian and Irish father. Her roots in Barbados seem to have a lot to do with her appeal. The Barbadian tropical breeze is reminiscent of her alluring accent, the crystal clear water remind us of her mesmerizing eyes, the tall palm trees of Rihanna’s luscious legs and the white sanded beaches of her silky smooth skin. She’s more interesting than an around the way girl from HOUSTON, ATLANTA, or VEGAS … I guess.

4. Self Made – When I say she is from the root ,I mean she is from humble beginnings. There is something sexy about individuals that have been able to defy the odds despite their situation. She moved to America at the age of 16. She had been through trials and tribulations due to a rocky marriage between her parents. Her father being addicted to crack, alcohol and marijuana. This must have fueled her desire to find a new life for herself in America, “Land of Opportunity”.

5. Loved By Many – Men seem to be fighting for Rihanna’s affection constantly either in the club or on twitter. This girl’s love box just simply has to be the “ish”. There is no other explanation for the what men say and do over this women. Christopher Maurice Brown aka Chris Brown had a full blown relationship with her. Aubrey Drake Graham seems to have enjoyed a little something which he later would mention in emotion drenched lyrics about her. Also it is rumored that Mr. “Dreamchaser” aka Meek Mill aka Robert Williams has tasted that cake. Well she did say she was looking for someone that could satisfy her all night from lyrics on “Where Have You Been.” I guess she is searching far and wide for that one person that can do the damn thang.

Let’s see who else will fall for Miss Rihanna…the saga continues.