UnCuffing For the Summer: Break Up Tips & Mini Break Up Soundtrack

It’s raining, but the sun will come out for the glorious summer. It is now time to do some “UnCuffing” (relationship cleansing) and make room for a fun filled summer. So with that said, if things are not working with the mister or miss, you need to end on a good note with the help of artists like Mariah Carey and Tamia. If you would like to make this happen follow the directions:

1. Evaluate how you feel about the person before you make any rash decisions. Write it down. Maybe writing down the pros and cons of the relationship works.

2. Pick a perfect time. Please don’t pick a holiday, birthday or special time for this. You don’t want to scare the person for life.

3. Pick a perfect place. Let’s try to give the person a chance to deal with the news in an environment that is conducive to this serious situation..

4. Tell him or her how you feel. You can also write this down in a letter. If it is written please make sure to talk in person. Texting, emailing and/or calling is so impersonal. Make sure to let them down easy. You never want to burn bridges.

5. Pack your stuff and actually stay at your place. That place you call your apartment/house should now be used for you to live in. if you are not ready for a couple lonely nights with the pillow between your legs DON’T DO IT.

6. Spring Cleaning. Do some spring cleaning for your awesome summer party/BBQs

7. Get a new sexy wardrobe. You need those skin revealing outfits that will get the attention of all those admirers

8. Get your @$$ in that gym. Make sure you increase your work out regiment from your lame 1 or 2 day a week to at least 5 days a week. You have to understand you’re going to actually have to impress people for dates and its getting hot so people will see everything you’ve been hiding.

9. Don’t react and be strong. Some people don’t take break ups well . They might get emotional, yell, scream or throw things. Don’t be mad and make sure to be civil. Kanye West is a perfect example of people that can’t take rejection. He is still talking about Amber Rose. (Not that we blame him)

10. Give a constellation prize: If they can’t have you they can at least have a cool mixtape by Poo Bear entitled ‘#Beats2Breakup2‘ as well as the list below from our mini soundtrack.

Mini Break-Up Soundtrack
Carl Thomas – Emotional
Michel’le – No More Lies
Tamia – Stranger In My House
Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby
R. Kelly – Feelin’ Single

Conclusion: Be brave and just know its out with the old and in with the new. It’s time to spring clean, but also get ride of those old relationships that are not going anywhere. Artists such as Carl Thomas and R. Kelly make break ups seem so cool. This will prep you for an amazing summer and set you up to find that special someone for the fall. By winter you may be comfortable and cozy with the man or woman of your dreams.