Jennifer Lopez Attends 2012 Winter TCA Tour

American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez, along with the rest of her cast members, recently spoke about the upcoming season of the music talent show during the FOX Broadcasting Company portion of the 2012 Winter TCA Tour at The Langham Huntington Hotel and Spa on January 8, 2012 in Pasadena, California.

Lopez recently opened up to about the show…below are some excerpts:

On Her Judging Change…It hasn’t changed. We’re still the same people. I’m still an emotional person. We’re a little more comfortable. We’re still having fun. We have amazing talent so that always makes it more exciting.

Views on American Idol Now…It’s so funny because I was such a fan of the show in the beginning so I pretty much knew what the show was as opposed to Steven who didn’t know what it was at all. He didn’t. He had never watched the show so he didn’t know what it was but I was someone who’d watched it forever. What do I know about it now? That live TV’s tiring. I didn’t know that. I’d never done live TV so that’s a big thing. That’s why I marvel at Ryan when I think about like he gets up at three in the morning and then he comes down. If he can do it I can do it.

Choosing Who’s going to make it…Some people are just not ready. They have the beginnings of a great voice. They can sing, it’s obvious but they’re lacking something. They’re lacking confidence or direction or they don’t know who they are. You can have someone who’s 15 and knows all that and then have someone who’s 25 and doesn’t. We just see it. When it’s fully developed, because we know it and have been around it, we can tell.

Read the Full Interview HERE

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