Luke James: Emotionally Charged

He’s penned lyrics for Chris Brown and Brittany Spears. He danced along Beyonce in “Run The World” video. He was the male lead in Melanie Fiona’s latest video, “4AM.” And he’s ready to make his mark on the R&B scene with his commanding yet soulful voice.

Signing with Def Jam… Danja, myself and Marcella took a week off and went out to New York, went from building to building playing music which include, “I Want You.” Then we went to Mercury Records, partner with Island Def Jam/Def Jam. I met James Lancey, played music for him. He loved it. I sung for him. That day we met LA Reid. We stayed a day later. The next day they were trying not to let us leave.

My Musical Style… My sound is organic, honest. I would say transcending, classic, soulful, very emotional.

Momma Would Play… Or who did my mother allowed me to listen to? (laughs) Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway. My mother was very well rounded and allow me to listen to certain things. She didn’t want me listening to much rap. Growing up in New Orleans around that time was a little difficult and she didn’t want me listening to the vulgarity. She put me on a lot of pop music and a lot of country music.

Album Concept… The album gives you that story of me running around, doing wrong, meeting this girl who happens to be my match. She cheated on me, twisted me up and I take a real look in the mirror at who am I and what is it that I want. If I want this girl, I have to become this person that I’m not. But I am on the inside. I consider the album like my life. The album will be a combination upbeat, mellow, slow. I had the pleasure of working with John Legend, Brittany Brielle, John Hector.

Why Made to Love… Since we’ve started recording (for about a year and some months) it relates to going through different relationships, figuring myself out as a young man and what is it I want to do as far as my legacy, as far as who I am and just finding my true meaning. It just came down to the fact that we were put on this earth to love, we were made to love.

Take Away… I would hope they feel amazing. I just want them to listen, like really listen. I heard once, you listen with your heart not your ears and that’s all I want. Whatever they take from it, as long as they give it a fair listening, a honest listening.

Collaboration Dreams… Janelle Monae, Kanye West, both have creative minds. Adele. I would love to do an album like TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank super group). There are no more duets. I would like to work with Melanie Fiona.

—— By: Interview By Johnell Smalls


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