5 Reasons We Don’t Believe in Cuffing Season

Fall is officially here, and that also means that cuffing season has begun. Cuffing season is that time of year when the weather starts to cool off, and most men (and women!) look for a main squeeze that they can spend cold nights with. Although it may work for some of you (and could possibly turn into something more), we aren’t really a fan of it. Read on for our five reasons why we’re against it.

1. There Are No Ground Rules
When someone decides to cuff you for the fall and/or winter, you may be excited that you’ll have someone to spend early nights, and possibly late mornings with. However, since technically he or she isn’t your significant other, there’s nothing you can do, or say, when or if he or she chooses to do otherwise.

2. Things Can Get Complicated
Let’s say you really like the person you decided to cuff for the season, but he or she is only looking for a temporary situation until March. Things can quickly get complicated if one person develops feelings, and the other doesn’t.

3. It Can Easily Turn Into a Booty Call
Naturally, you may find yourself getting intimate with the person you cuffed for the cold weather, but you might find yourself in an even weirder position if you only see the person after midnight.

4. It Could Bring Your Ex Back Into The Picture
It’s very common for an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend to start calling again once the weather changes. However, you might decide to deal with him or her again simply because you want companionship this winter. And before you know it, things may start going bad and you realize why you broke up with your ex in the first place.

5. It’s Likely A Pseudo-Relationship
Yes, you may spend two or three months cooking for him or her, making plans for the two of you and much more just like couples do, but it could easily come to an end once spring begins. And unfortunately you may realize it was all just a fling.

Are you cuffing this season?
—— By: Crystal Tate


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