Relationships & Love: Is the Race Card Still An Issue?

When it comes to dating, most Black women prefer to date only Black men. However, when a Black women chooses to only go out with men that look like her (for whatever her reason may be), she could be limiting herself. When Vibe magazine recently asked Kelly Rowland if she dated non-black men, she responded, “I’ve been down with the swirl.” Learn five reasons why Black women should consider the swirl themselves.

1. To Open Up Your Options
There’s nothing wrong with preferring to date Black men. However if you never consider dating someone of another race, you’ll never know if you might actually prefer dating someone who isn’t Black.

2. To Find That “Good” Man
Black women can be quick to complain that it’s hard to find a “good black man,” or that many Black men are uneducated or in jail. Unfortunately, the college graduation rates for black women more than double those for men, and 40% of the two million men incarcerated are African American. Since the numbers may be against some Black women, dating outside their race may allow them to find the type of man they’ve been looking for.

3. To Increase Chances of Finding Love
Black men generally have no problem dating a non-black woman, so what does that mean for a Black women who only dates Black men? Her chances of finding love may be slimmer. A surefire way to up her odds is to follow the lead of some Black men, and date outside her race.

4. To Focus on What’s Most Important
Although you might be more attracted to black men, or can only see yourself with a Black man, choosing to date a White, Latino, Asian or other non-black man could help you focus on the key traits you should look for in a man like his character.

5. To Try Something New
Let’s be clear. The message isn’t to stop dating Black men; it’s to consider dating non-Black men as well. So if you still aren’t convinced, why not try something new and go on one date with a man of a different race? You just might have a change of heart. —— By: Crystal Tate


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