Love: Do Men Think Long Distance Relationships Are A Waste Of Time?

Many women believe that long distance relationships are possible. Most men believe different…


What makes long distance relationships so great? In my opinion nothing really. You hardly see the person, you probably only have sex once a month, expensive travel arrangements, you probably only have sex once a month, the question of faithfulness arises, and oh did I forget to mention … You’ll probably only have sex once a month… that’s if you’re lucky.

Now for me and some women we can limit the temptation of physical pleasure to a monthly/ bi – monthly activity . But a man’s sex drive can be a lot stronger at times. I find it hard to believe that many men can withstand the temptation of sexual indulgence for too long. Think about how horny your man gets and then think about how hard it would be for him to wait a whole month or 2 for sexual pleasure.

My Conclusion: It’s Got To Be Love… Nothing else will make this situation work.

Let’s see what the men have to say about this one:

“Distance relationships, are setting yourself up for failure. I need to see my significant other. Months at a time isn’t good. Especially to remain faithful. Sorry.”


“Waste of time depending on how long you will be distant and how far the distance is. A year at the most is okay. You gotta be able to see each other frequently.’That’s the only way I believe it can work.”

Joannes, 27

“If a relationship begins as a long distance relationship it is a waste of time…each partner didn’t spend enough time with their mate in order to build a strong bond so they can trust each other . This will most likely lead to a break up. On the other hand if two people have spent a lot of time together and then the relationship becomes long distance, I think they have a better chance of working things out because they have already built a strong bond while they were together. What’s the likely hood that the man will remain faithful? Not likely.”

Eli, 25

“I was approached with this situation not too long ago. A girl whom I was involved with moved, but wanted to continue on and I had to decline. Because I’ve been in a long distance relationship before and it takes a serious toll. It isn’t a waste of time it just takes a lot of just that, TIME and more so “effort.” Those who take up the challenge inherently feel that the relationship or person is worth it

Real talk: a man will remain faithful if 1. HE feels she is holding up her end of the bargain in terms of visiting and effort. 2. #realtalk: he will stay faithful if his “quota” of sexual needs is met. Now this may sound really bad and macho, but I kid you “if he isn’t getting all that he needs from you, he will find it else where.” And not necessarily with another woman he may turn to online porn, but it also doesn’t have to deal with physical, he may find company in a “friendship” with a woman that’s right down the block. All of the issues that can easily be resolved if the relationship wasn’t long distance.

Lance, 27

“Not all men disagree with LD relationships.”

Hear what they had to say on What Would a Man Do?”

—— By: Chazeen of WWMD


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