Relationships: Texting For Love

Call me fool! How texting is affecting relationships and communication
Text messaging s a great way to communicate for quick, straight-to-the-point messages and for when someone isn’t available to actually talk on the phone. However, texting can have a negative effect on relationships and communication overall. We examine the bad side of today’s preferred way of communicating.

Texting…isn’t a substitute for calling
Although it may be easier to send your new love interest or significant a text when you get home from work, actually calling that person will generally make him or her feel more special and it allows you to develop a stronger connection that generally can’t be achieved via text messaging. Plus, if you’ve just met the individual, an actual phone call will help you get to know the person better.

Texting…can easily be misconstrued
Unfortunately sometimes it’s hard to determine whether someone’s being sarcastic or kidding around over text message. This can result in someone taking a text message that was intended as a joke seriously…or vice versa.

Texting…can lead to problems
We all know texting can lead to sexting, and a variety of other things sent via text message that normally wouldn’t happen in person, or over the phone. That is why it’s so important to be careful what you text to someone, and to re-read a text message before you hit send. You could ultimately save yourself from a world of trouble. —— By: Crystal Tate


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