EXCLUSIVE: Hamilton Park On The Streets of Harlem, NY

Earlier this week, Singersroom attended an intimate breakfast at Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem, NY with Harrell/Atlantic records’ new R&B group Hamilton Park. As we dined on Pancakes, Chicken and Waffles, Grits and more, we chatted with the Atlanta based group about being unique, women, funny stories about each other and much more

Being Hands On..”We’re very hands on with everything when it comes to merchandise, what we wear, what we sing to, what we dance to, how we dance.”

Expected Longevity…”As long as their is a love and a passion for real R&B, Hamilton Park will be around creating that real music…giving you those life experiences from our perspective. We sing about love from our perspective, we sing about heartbreak from our perspective. We could have been anything, we could have been a group of basketball players, we could have been a group of thieves but we were four young men that had dreams about being great so we decided to come together on this music tip.”

*Video from the sit down with Hamilton Park coming soon!

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