5 Things That Makes A Man a BIG LOSER

LOSER is a strong word. However, some guys deserve the title. Men are always saying that women are not giving them a chance but sometimes there are reasons that may prevent men from getting the ladies of their chose. Here are a couple things that might put you in the loser category.

1. Bad Credit – Your credit score indicates the likeliness for you to pay off creditors. However, a credit score also represents so much more to our society and also to women seeking a suitable man. A man with a great credit score to a woman represents someone who is responsibility, stable and has the ability to be consistent. Will you skip out and not pay your child support? Will you be able to make sure the mortgage is paid on time? And probably the most important … do you have enough credit for her to go on those much needed shopping sprees when you do something wrong or when she just has the urge to shop? If you don’t have the right answers to these questions because of bad credit then we might have to throw you in the loser category. Sorry!

2. Financial Problems – Ladies say they will stick by a man in financial trouble but is it for a period of time or forever? However, do you blame the women leaving a man with constant financial problems? Hell no because creating opportunity for oneself is a characteristic that is attractive. If you cannot create financial opportunity how can you support a family? (If you can’t support a family then you shouldn’t be expecting sex…gentlemen!) Go getters usually get their money and ladies because they have the ability to make nothing out of something. I am not supporting the traditional gold-digger. However, a man without ambition and a desire to be successful is a man that should not be trusted. So I say leave those bums living in their mother’s house and go get a man that works hard, pays his bills and will take care of home ladies. They might not all be basketball players or rappers but you still have regular guys taking care of business.(Leave that 0 and get with a hero! lol)

3. Old Car – An old or ugly car just lowers your sexy value. It is almost subconscious. Scenario: When you roll up at a nice banquet with you and your lady dressed to kill you don’t want to jump out of a ’94 Camry with faded paint. This is a perfect time for a nice sports car. (Camrys are great cars and they are reliable.) People just look better when they are in nice cars. Imagine a king back in the day on a donkey or a pharaoh on an old chariot? Come on son! Your ride has to be right or you might get left…message!

4. Live With your Mother – It would be so honorable to take care of your mother and have her living with you. In many cultures it is exceptable to live with your family for a long period of time. However, I am speaking to the losers out there living for free and not being independent. We are speaking to those mama’s boys that never grew up. Get off that couch and go do something. Not being able to leave the nest and take care of business qualifies you as a loser…better yet a scrub. Thank you TLC for the song.

5. Short Stick Man – Some people try to sugar coat the situation by saying stupid things like “its not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean.” That is absolute crap that is recited by a) women that are in love with men with little wankers or b) men that have little wankers. You having a little stick might put you in the loser category. It sounds harsh but it’s true. However, there are women that will deal with this dilemma.

Warning: Guys with little wankers beware of the angry ex-girlfriend because they will go out their way to describe how small your swammy is every chance they get. And guess what it gets smaller every time they tell someone a story about it.

“Don’t Want no short stick Man(x4)
What in the world is that thing
Do you need some Tweezers to put that little thing away
That has got to be the smallest stick I have ever seen…In my whole life
Get outta here
Innie Wennie tinny wenny shriveled little short stick man(x2)
Dont want no short stick man(x4)
Innie Wennie tinny wennie shriveled little short stick man(x2)
Uhhh uhuhuhuh uhhh
Isnt that cute an extra belly button
You need to put you pants back on honey”
Gillette – Don’t Want No Short Dick Man

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—— By: Doc


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