5 Ways to Gain The Trust of a Woman

You met a woman that you really like, and want to win her attention. However you don’t know if she trusts you quite yet. If you want to gain the trust of a woman you’re interested in, follow these five rules.

1. Be Her Friend
Before you rush into a relationship, start slowly and work on developing a friendship with her first. This will allow her to really get to know you as a person. Plus, you’ll get to know her as well, and both of you will begin to trust one another.

2. Be A Man of Your Word
Say what you mean, and do what you say. If you ask the girl to go out on Friday night, then stick with that. If you offer to help her hang something in her house, then be sure to follow through.

3. Be Honest
Always tell the truth if you want to gain the trust of a woman. If you lie to her, no matter how big or small, she’ll consider you a liar from that point forward. And if you have lied to her, you’ll get further ahead if you admit to it rather than try to cover it up.

4. Be Consistent
If you shower her with affection in the first couple of months, she’ll expect and want that same treatment in the sixth month. If you’re consistent in your behavior and actions, she won’t think you’re just putting on a show to win her over in the beginning.

5. Be Open with the Important Facts
Don’t leave out key details in the beginning. If you have a child or are going through a divorce, she should know initially. If you don’t divulge important information in the beginning, she’ll wonder if you were trying to hide it from her.
—— By: Crystal Tate


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