R&B Kissing Game

Kissing is love’s gateway drug. It might have been more of a sport when you were younger and now has become an important part of foreplay as an adult but regardless of what you use it for it feels real good. It can be used as a way to show affection as well as a way to be intimate. Ladies this is one way of getting your man in the mood and keeping him where he is suppose to be because whatever you don’t do someone else will do. Men please understand that kissing is key because it helps to make the woman feel secure and appreciated. It’s crazy how something as simple as caressing lips against lips or other body can make people feel so connected. Kissing could be your piece of heaven if it is done right. It can also help you to realize that maybe that person is really not for you. However, the perfect kiss at the perfect time could definitely spice up your relationship and keep the flames of love burning.

R. Kelly’s 12 Play Kiss
This act of passion begins with a kiss on your partner’s forehead, moving down slowly to the lips and making your way down low. This kiss requires both partners to initially feel on each others booty. If this kiss is done correctly it is guaranteed to lead you to the “Greatest Sex” you’ve ever had.

The Breezy Kiss
While dancing with your partner, start kissing and moving your lips slowly over to the side of their neck. Continue to make your way up to their ear and blow your cool breath into their ear. (Make sure your breath smells great!) You can enhance this kiss by softly nibbling on the ear and whispering something smooth in his or her ear. You can use a Chris Brown line and say, “I can hear your body calling, baby. No BS! We can do it, all night.” You can also be really romantic and say, “I Love You.” It all depends on what results you’re looking for.

Pretty Prince Kiss
This is a confidence builder and will help strengthen trust between you and your partner. It begins with kissing gently on your partner’s eyelids, providing a very sweet and assuring feeling. The ideal location for this kiss would be near a beach or lake. (Water adds a soothing and romantic touch to this kiss. Lake Minnetonka would be the best location.)

Cee-Lo’s Lady Killer Kiss
This is definitely guaranteed to knock a lover clear off their feet. It is more aggressive in nature with a touch of surprise. You need to surprise that special someone from behind, embrace gently and kiss the back of the neck. As you kiss you want to turn their neck softly and whisper “Forget You.” After you whisper forget you make sure to walk off and never turn back. (This is perfect for breaking up or setting up makeup sex.)

French Kelis Kiss
This may not be an everyday practice but when you do attempt this kiss it will not prove you wrong. It is important to remember not to open your mouth too much or too little. This is the most popular type of kiss but can be disastrous if it is not done properly. This is an open mouth kiss with your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth, touching their tongue as they do the same. You can add your own spin to it. Ladies if this kiss is done right it will definitely lead all the boys to the yard. Gentlemen if you can’t do this kiss right it may be a deal breaker and cost you in the future.

Dreamy Dream Kiss
There is nothing sexier than to be woken up by a sweet kiss. The important thing is to gently kiss and make sure to make eye contact when they awake. Slowly moving over their face with your lips and telling them “Good Morning” is the best way to conduct this special kiss.(This is a great way to get some easy and pleasurable morning sex.)

Kemistry Kiss
This is for the grown and sexy. The first step is to make sure your partner’s shirt is removed. They must lay down with their back up. Find a comfortable spot on their lower back and begin to massage their spine and move into their shoulders. This massage relaxes your partner and relieves tension. (This is perfect for after a hard day’s work.) In the midst of them enjoying their massage start kissing from the lower spine all the way up to the neck. Any of Kemistry’s song and scented candles will work to create an orgasmic experience.

There are so many ways to kiss but make sure you make it count. It could help or hurt you. Good luck as you play the kissing game.

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