A Quick Conversation with Producer Krucial Keys

Studio Life with Alicia Keys… “We just make good music. It’s a joy to work with someone that you get along so well with when it comes to creating. It’s always worked from the beginning.”

Memorable Studio Moment with Ms. Keys… “Oh man, I don’t know. They all just mesh in. Just when you’re realizing when you’re making music and making a living from something that you love to do, that’s the best moment; when it kicks in. I can’t go into instances because it’s so many, but I’m just enjoying the ride.

Developing New Artist… “I have an artist of my own, one by the name of Mateo and the other, Andra. We’re about to drop a mixtape from Mateo on the 15th of March called “Love & Stadiums.” He’s definitely something I’ve been working with for a few years. I’ve been working with Andra for three years so we’re really concentrating on that. I’ve also been in the studio with Goapele doing some things, and I have some things in the works. But for now I’m just working with my artists and bringing them forth.

Helping Goapele Return… “I’m working with her now, so the next album will have some stuff from me.”

—— By: By Connie Tang


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