Eric Roberson Talks Touring, Upcoming Album and Possible Single

Soul/R&B crooner Eric Roberson is gearing up to release his 8th studio album sometime this summer. Singersroom caught up with the “She” hitmaker recently at an ASCAP pre-Grammy event and he shared with us some progress, single choice and features. A Grammy Nomination…Oh very excited! It’s my second year in a row, last year and this year. We’re just trying to have a good time.

Constant Touring…“It’s been good. We literally toured all the way up to this Grammy weekend. And I was home for one day, washed clothes, and I’m back on the road again, you know what I’m saying? So it’s good. We’re just trying to stay active. I have a whole new album ready, so we’re going to release that in July. So we’re just hoping to be back here next year.”

The New Single…“I’m going to name the album, shoot the album cover, and mix the rest of the songs. We’re probably going to do another month of recording as well, but I think we have the first single and everything already. If I had to put my money on it right now, it’s a song called “Couldn’t Draw You Better” featuring Phonte from Little Brother and Foreign Exchange. And if I had to say, that’s probably the one, but you never know; things may change within the next month or two.”

Other Single Potential…“We have something called “Strangers” that I really really like. I did it with a brother that I like, Hezekiah from Philadelphia. I’m really excited about the song. But I don’t know! I have a ton of songs and that needs to be condensed to figure out what’s going on the album. But those two are the main leaders for possible singles.”

Other Guest Appearances…“Well now is the part where we start looking for guest appearances. There’s a young lady, Choklate from Seattle that I did a duet with, Phonte’s on it, the brother Hezekiah that I mentioned is on the album as well… But that’s it as of now. But you never know; the studio’s open and there’s mad people coming in & out. So we’re just open to whoever wants to get on the mic, we’re going to let them rock.”
—— By: Interview By Connie Tang


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