Treat Me Like It’s Valentine’s Day 24/7

So maybe you didn’t impress your man or lady this Valentine’s Day like you had hoped, and now you’re catching the aftermath. We have an insider tip for you: If you give your honey the special treatment all of the time, you’ll feel less pressured around a holiday or significant date, like your anniversary. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a few tips that’ll make your man or lady swoon- and their friends jealous almost instantly.

1. Express How You Really Feel – Sure, you can buy a mushy card on February 14th that declares your love, but you shouldn’t wait for once a year to tell your man or woman how you really feel. Does your boyfriend know how much you love the way he makes you feel protected at all times? Does your girlfriend know that you adore her smile? If not, tell him or her.

2. Put Forth the Extra Effort – When it comes to Valentine’s Day, most men and women spend a lot of time planning the date from choosing the best place to go and picking out the perfect outfit to heading out with the right attitude. If you approached every night with your significant other like that, you’d be surprised at the positive effect it could have on your relationship. There’s no need to pop a bottle of champagne every night- just put forth a bit of an extra effort.

3. Bear Gifts – You might feel obligated to purchase a gift for your sweetie on a day like Valentine’s Day, but why not surprise him or her with a gift when he or she least expects it? Buying your girlfriend flowers or a scarf she’s been eying “just because” will certainly score you way more brownie points.

4. Be A Sweetheart – If you’re like most couples, you’re probably on your best behavior when Valentine’s Day rolls around. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be a sweetheart to the person you love most on the other 364 days of the year, so why not start today?

5. Spice It Up – Since lingerie is one of the most purchased items the first two weeks of February, you can only imagine what most couples are looking forward to at the end of the evening. We hope this isn’t the only day that you decide to spice it up in the bedroom, so try to up the hotness level throughout the year.

—— By: Crystal Tate


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