Keri Hilson’s Top 10 Best Presents for V-Day

Don’t know what to get that special someone (or the Facebook “It’s complicated” person who expects a gift) for Valentine’s Day? You are not alone. Keri Hilson offers her advice and some tips for you from the luxurious gifts to something more original – jewelry, love letter or some delicious passion dinner and more. If you want to impress your loved one this Valentine’s Day grab a gift idea or two from Ms. Hilson’s advice.

1. A Love Letter!
Don’t let a budget stop you. A personal love letter is affordable and heartwarming.

2. You Can Never Go Wrong with Diamonds!

3. Cooking for your Companion & Making yourself the Dessert
A bundle of treats from local producers – from chocolate pudding to the distinctly less sweet chili and fennel popcorn, this is the perfect present if you are planning to stay in and avoid exorbitant set price menus.

4. Frame your Favorite Picture.
Give your Valentine a gift from the heart with one of your personalized Valentine’s Day picture and picture frame.

5. A Surprise Getaway!
A surprise getaway for your spouse can be thrilling. This is a great way to spend some quality time alone together, away from home and family obligations. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday or another special event, or if you just want to get away, this is a time to reconnect.

6. A New Car! (If you got it like that)

7. A Scavenger Hunt Around the House! The Final Prize Is you of Course.

8. A Shopping Spree!

Valentine Day’s or birthdays are a good reasons to shower your companion with Benjamins.

9. A Great Massage!
Massages are a classic Valentine’s Day gift for the pampered beloved, and they’re even more special (and nicely priced) if you give one yourself. But although a massage might seem pretty simple to give, the inherent messiness of using oils, candles, and maybe the odd rose petal or two means that a few minutes of planning is a very good thing.

10. Flowers Will Always Make A Girl Smile

Flowers are a usual gift for Valentine’s Day but the gift always leave you a winner.

—— By: Keri Hilson/Staff


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