Latif: Melodies of Consciousness

An artist must be prepared and know the right time to strike in order to leave an imprint. Singer/songwriter Latif started studying music as a mentee of Teddy Pendergrass and continued as a student at Berklee College of Music. With major songwriting credits under his belt including, Musiq Soulchild’s “Teach Me” and Cheri Dennis’ “I Love U,” Latif believes now is the perfect time to show his total artistry because people are longing for “honesty and the real vibe of R&B.” Check out Latif’s thoughts on truth in music, vulnerability, and the raising of fans consciousness.

The Time Is Now… “Our people are great; I think the consciousness [is higher]. People want better; they expect more. We are down to the basics now that all the fluff is gone. The different luxuries people have cutback on makes people cherish the things that are close like family. I feel like the music has to go in there. I want to be a part of this rebuilding process and continue to grow with people.”

The People Want Truth… “For me one of the dopest writers in the last couple of years is Drake because he is really honest. I think that’s what captures people. He is not animated.”

Music Tombstone… “Our music is forever, it will be here after I’m gone. I want it to reflect what I stand for. Whether its love, whether it is family, whether it is unity, whether it is celebrations. It’s going to be true, it’s going to be me.”

Commission to Lead… “I’m passionate about music. You have to do it. Our leaders are our musicians and artists these days. We have to take that responsibility as writers and producers. If you have a message and it’s your message and it is true to you and your passionate about it and you’re a musician and you don’t put it in there then what are you doing. Everybody (artist) has a movement that affect culture whether it is Jay-Z, Pharrell or Kanye West. They are true to themselves so it inspires people like them; it inspires people who want to be like them. I think that is a great thing. We get so many privileges but there are some responsibilities that come along with it.”

Wearing Emotions Outside… “I always feel I’m always vulnerable. I always put my heart out there. When you do that there is a chance you might not have as many placements; people might not want to receive that. I feel like I have never lost that. It is one thing I try to protect. You have to have vulnerability in your music because you’re giving it up. Now when I write a record for somebody I have to make sure so much soul is in it so it can transcend when the person sings it.”

Pulled to the Stage… “We write so many records as writers [and] try to sell them and you look around not many artist are on that tip… So you have to put the records out yourself.”

Motivated By the Community… “Everything has its place, everything has its time and everything can coexist at the same time. Music has to reflect what is going on. It is real out here; people don’t have jobs and marriages are ending. Certain [topics] were not honestly being touched upon. Actually that is my motivation and that is my inspiration. Being able to express myself and that helps people express themselves. Right now is the time for real sincerity.”

Album Topics… “Relationships are so interesting to me. [There are] different relationships I breakdown. As a songwriter every conversation is a song. I talk about love, family, God everything that is in my life. That is why I call it ‘Dealing With Life.'”

Listen to Latif’s single Do You Love Me?

—— By: Interview By Adeniyi Omisore


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